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The ultimate goal of immunology is health care, elucidation of causes of diseases, and their treatment in human patients. The Immuno-Genomics Research Unit's aim is to establish and apply methodologies for extracting the maximum amount of data possible from limited human samples and several types of experimental data, using a combination of experimental and bioinformatics approaches, and aided by our knowledge and experiences in dealing with mouse data.

In the short term, this Unit will aim to establish methods for extracting and analyzing RNA expression data and epigenomic markers from small amounts of cells. Such studies have attracted attention recently, although the small sample sizes hampered the use of NGS techniques. In the long term, the goal of this Unit is to actively apply the developed methodologies on actual clinical samples. For this we will develop approaches that integrate not only genomic and RNA sequence data, but also other data types such as protein expression and imaging data for extracting important information related to treatment and prevention of diseases.


Alexis Vandenbon Assistant Professor
alexisvdb atmark
Hiromasa Morikawa Visiting Academic Staff
hmorikawa atmark
Rafael Ibanez Laboratory Technician
ribanez atmark