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We have developed original integrated PET/MRI system. Simultaneous scanning of PET/MRI system creates a new fusion of morphological and functional imaging.

Principal Investigator

Jun Hatazawa Professor

Research field:
  • Cerebral blood flow and metabolism
  • Neurotransmission
  • Brain function
  • Molecular imaging
  • Integrated PET/MRI system
  • PET/SPECT analysis
  • New isotope tracer
hatazawa atmark
Education history
1979Tohoku University School of Medicine, March
1983.3Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine
Research and career history
1987.1-1991.5Cyclotron Radioisotope Center of Tohoku University
1991.5-2001.4Chief Research Staff, Research Institute for Brain and Blood Vessels Akita
2001.5-2002.5Research Director, Research Institute for Brain and Blood Vessels Akita


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