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[May.26]The 55th IFReC Colloquium by ZOOM Webinar© [Internal Event]

The 55th IFReC colloquium will be held on May 26 (Thu.), 2022 online. The colloquium is co-organized with "the Grant Program for Next Generation Principal Investigators".

  • The seminar is open to IFReC members only.
  • It is held every two months.
  • At each seminar, speakers from IFReC laboratories talk about their recent research progress.
  • By using the ZooM Video Webinar©

Pre-registration is not necessary. The URL for the ZOOM Webinar will be sent to the participants before the colloquium.


DATE:Thursday, May. 26, 2022

TIME: 15:00 - 16:00

Speaker: Tomohiro KUROSAKI (Organizer of the NGPI program)
Speaker: Yukinori OKADA (Statistical Immunology)
Speaker: Kazuhiro SUZUKI (Immune Response Dynamics)