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Foreign researchers meeting was held on March 11.

On March 11, the foreign researchers of IFReC met to discuss their common experiences also brainstorm about ways to make a more well organized group.


Major topics that were discussed were:

1. Assistance with grant applications. Roughly half of the attendees had applied for grants in Japan. There was discussion about whether it was better to have English proposals translated into Japanese or to apply directly in English. There was significant discussion on what the correct channels are for translation, specifically related to grants. For example, even when applying in English, after winning a grant, a
Japanese translation must usually be supplied. While IFReC has supported researchers by paying for an outside translation company, it would be easier and faster if there were qualified scientific translation staff working in IFReC.

2. This organization would be very useful for us to make ourselves recognized in the Japanese scientific society. This would help when we apply to Japanese grants or are looking for positions after IFReC.

3. Housing. There was a wide range of views on housing, even from people from the same country. For example, one person recalled that in the US, her employer did not get involved in housing matters while another person who studied in the US said the university managed everything. It was suggested that we could learn more about Osaka University´s long-term plans for making low cost housing available.


4. Social activities for researchers and their families. It was suggested that in Cherry Blossom season, we have a picnic in order for researchers with families to get to know each other better.

More basic issues that were raised were:

5. Should we have a website? This was approved and one of the members has begin constructing a discussion board where we can stay in communication in spite of our busy schedules.

6. What should be the name of our organization? We decided to discuss this after the meeting using the discussion board.

After the meeting we has a reception where food and soft drinks were served. This was a good chance for many of the attendees to exchange names and talk informally.

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