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IFReC Advanced Postdoc Position

The Osaka University International Advanced Research Institute Immunology Frontier Research Center (IFReC), as a Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology World Premier Institute, has been producing research results at the world's highest level in the field of immunology since its inception. Further promotion of global brain circulation of young researchers is considered important for IFReC to continue producing such high level research results; therefore, the Center has established the Advanced Postdoc system and is recruiting promising young researchers as detailed below.

【Outline of the Advanced Postdoc System】

The purpose of the system is to promote global brain circulation in a WPI Academy Center by hiring outstanding young researchers to produce superior research results such as publication in high-impact journals after appointment at IFReC, and to promote the creation of a virtuous circle by stepping up into a higher position after IFReC. Postdoc researchers hired under this system will be assigned to a laboratory in IFReC and will work as a specially-appointed researcher (full-time). In addition an international standard level salary, research funds (3 million yen per year) will be supplied to conduct original research.


1. Number of positions: Specially appointed researcher (full-time) x3

2. Qualifications:

  • Doctorate degree
  • Less than eight years since obtaining doctorate
  • Outstanding performance in specialist field
  • International experience preferred

3. Specialist field: Immunology or Cell Biology

4. Appointment: after January 1, 2018 (open to negotiation)

5. Occupation: National University Corporation Osaka University Limited Term Staff

6. Employment term: from January 1st 2018(at earliest) to March 31st 2018 (renewable for a maximum of three years)

7. Place of Work: Osaka University on Suita Campus in Osaka, Japan

8. Working hours etc.:
 Regulations on working hours, holidays and vacations can be found at the link below.
 Regulations on working hours, holidays and vacations

9. Insurance etc.:
Enrollment in The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Mutual Aid Association, Employment Insurance, Worker's Accident Compensation Insurance  

10. Salary: Annual salary 5,441,400 yen to 7,316,100 yen
For other details see the Salary Regulations for National University Corporation Osaka University Limited Term Staff (Specially appointed Staff, etc.) Subject to Annual Salary System
Salary Regulations for National University Corporation Osaka University Limited Term Staff (Specially appointed Staff, etc.) Subject to Annual Salary System

11. Notes:
  • When applying try to obtain the agreement of the PI of the laboratory you would like to join after appointment. We welcome applications even without agreement but please record your preferred laboratory in your research plan.
  • Applications from female researchers are very welcome.

12. Application documents: All documents should be A4 and in English.
  • Resume and Academic History: Name, current address, telephone number, FAX number, E-mail address, Date of Birth (Age), academic history (high school and thereafter), license, degree, career history (include long-term overseas business trips), awards, membership of organizations etc.
  • Career history and achievements: Provide short details on past research, academic and social contribution achievements, international experience (within two pages)
  • Performance record: List English and Japanese papers separately original work and rev iews. List in chronological order and number each. An English translation is not required for Japanese papers.
  • Research plan: A plan of research to be conducted after appointment. State the laboratory you would like to be assigned to in the plan. If you have obtained agreement from the PI of the laboratory state that in the plan (within 2 pages)
  • Statement of ambitions for your future research and for your time at IFReC (within 1 page)
  • References from at least two people and contact details from referees

13. Deadline: Open recruitment

14. Submission of documents:
General Affairs Section, Osaka University Immunology Frontier Research Center
Application documents may be sent as an electronic file to the General Affairs Section with the subject line "Application for Advanced Postdoc"

15. Selection process:
Document screening and interview (contact will be made with candidates after document screening). The applicant will cover costs such as travel and accommodation incurred for the interview. All personal information included in the application will be handled carefully and not used for any other purpose.

For inquiries on duties etc. contact:
Specially Appointed Associate Professor (full-time) Akihiko Takagi
Research Management and Planning Office, IFReC
Tel: +81-6-6879-4929 (from overseas) 06-6879-4929 (in Japan)

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