Greeting from Cevayir Coban
(Associate Professor of IFReC)

Konnichiwa! My name is Cevayir Coban. I am one of the recent faculty members at IFReC. My lab name is Laboratory of Malaria Immunology. I am using malaria parasites to delineate host- microbe interactions. If I can understand this better, my main goal is to develop successful vaccine against malaria.

I am new to IFReC but not to the Osaka University. I moved to Osaka University several years ago to work with the top immunologist in the world, Prof Akira. It has been very fruitful in terms of science, but I have had a lot of difficulties in the academic life and interactions in Japan. Life here at Osaka University has changed enormously since the establishment of IFReC. Not only being very strong with its great scientist composition and collaborative atmosphere, but also being a focus for international research and researchers. With its bilingual administration, doing science has been a lot easier. IFReC is pioneering top level international academic environment in Japan. I can see it very well with my enough scientific history in Japan.

For all these great changes, I'd like to thank WPI Program and our director Prof Akira for his generous support to us. Without him, nothing could be achieved. And, I'd also like to thank Prof Kishimoto and Kishimoto Foundation for their support of many researchers in our laboratories.

I have another task under the IFReC umbrella because of being a woman scientist. The numbers of women scientists at PI level are less than in men all over the world. Unfortunately, it is far less in Japan. I would like everybody here to support women scientists more and hope that my studies will encourage the young women scientists of Japan.

Thank you for your attention.