Single Molecule Imaging

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My research aims to understand how pain is processed in the brain, and how behaviour and physiological responses are controlled following injury. The ultimate aim is to develop novel treatments to reduce or abolish pain in patients. This research is part theoretical: building realistic ‘systems’ level models of neuronal information processes to understand processes of pain perception and injury, and part experimental: testing these theories using a range of experimental methodologies - especially human experiments using as functional magnetic resonance brain imaging.

Principal Investigator

Ben Seymour Professor

Research field

Computational and systems neuroscience, neuroimaging

Education history

2011 CCST Neurology Royal College of Physicians, London
2010 PhD Neurological Science UCL
2001 MRCP Medicine Royal College of Physicians, London
1997 MB ChB Medicine University of Manchester
1993 BSc Molecular Biology University of Manchester

Research and career history

2013- Wellcome Clinical Fellow (Cambridge Univ.)
2012- NICT Invited Executive Researcher (Center for Information and Neural Networks,)
2012 Locum Consultant Neurologist (Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Cambridge)
2007 Specialist Registrar in Neurology (Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge) (-2011)
2002 Clinical Research Fellow (PhD) (UCL) (-2007)
1997 Junior Medical training (Manchester) (-2002)


  • Ben Seymour Professor



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