Signal Transduction

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Tissue homeostasis in all organs is maintained via a highly hierarchal architecture of blood vessels, which is precisely regulated in an organ-specific manner. It has been recently clarified that blood vessels provide a vascular niche for tissue specific stem cells by secreting angiocrine signals and work as a pipeline connecting between distant organs for repairing tissue/organ damage mediating with intercrine-signals.

In our laboratory, we are examining how blood vessel diversity is regulated, focusing on the processes of angiogenesis and blood vessel maturation, for the development of novel methods to regulate vascular diseases such as cancer and aging related diseases. In addition to the molecular analysis focusing on Angiopoitin/Tie2 and apelin/APJ ligand-receptor system, we recently established the concept of “vascular promotion” in tumor that allows to deliver anti-cancer drug into tumor microenvironment by activating lipid mediator receptor LPA4 (Figure 1, Takara et al., Cell Reports 2017). Moreover, we have identified endothelial stem cells in pre-existing blood vessels and showed their utility for vascular regeneration (Wakabayashi et al. Cell Stem Cell 2018).

Figure 1: LPA4 activation promotes mature blood vessel formation in tumor and allows delivery of anticancer drug into tumor (Takara et al. Cell Reports 2017).
Figure 2: Endothelial stem cell population is responsible for organ specific vascular formation. Schema shows the example of vascular regeneration occurring in liver vascular injury (Wakabayashi et al. Cell Stem Cell 2018).

Principal Investigator

Nobuyuki Takakura Professor

Research field

Regulation of tumor angiogenesis / Tissue repair and regeneration by stem cell population

Education history

1988.3 M.D. Mie University, Faculty of Medicine
1997.3 Ph.D. Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine

Research and career history

1988.4 Medical Staff as a Physician, 2nd Department of Internal Medicine of Mie University (-1993.3)
1998.3 Instructor, Kumamoto University Graduate School of Medicine
1999.10 Assistant Professor, Kumamoto University Graduate School of Medicine
2000.10 Associate Professor, Molecular Embryology and Genetics Kumamoto University Graduate School of Medicine
2001.4 Professor, Department of Stem Cell Biology Cancer Research Institute, Kanazawa University
2006.4-  Professor, Department of Signal Transduction Research Institute for Microbial Diseases,Osaka University
2018.8- Professor, Immunology Frontier Research Center,Osaka University


  • Nobuyuki Takakura Professor
  • Bal Zeynep Assistant Professor



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