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Non-labeling multiphoton excitation microscopy as a novel diagnostic tool for discriminating normal tissue and colorectal cancer lesions (Masaru Ishii group, in Scientific Reports)


Masaru Ishii's group (Immunology and Cell Biology) reported novel non-labeling multiphoton excitation microscopy (NL-MPM) imaging of fresh human colorectal mucosa, which is useful for quantitatively discriminating cancer lesions from normal tissue without any need for resection, fixation, or staining. NL-MPM can distinguish the characteristic patterns of fluorescent signals by the different auto-fluorescence properties and from second harmonic generation. The NL-MPM images were at least as informative to pathologists as were 'conventional' images of fixed tissue sections stained with hematoxylin and eosin. This technique will be applied in the development of novel, minimally invasive medical equipment to enable rapid cancer diagnosis, and is expected to contribute to improved accuracy in the diagnosis and endoscopic treatment of early-stage cancer.

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