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Celastrol improves the pathology of autoimmune disease by suppressing the COMMD3/8 complex (Suzuki G, in Sci Immunol)


Celastrol, a bioactive molecule extracted from the Tripterygium wilfordii plant, has been shown to exhibit anti- inflammatory properties. However, its mechanism of action has not been fully elucidated. Taiichro Shirai, Kazuhiro Suzuki, and the research group showed celastrol suppresses humoral immune responses and autoimmunity by targeting the COMMD3/8 complex

figure 1.
Figure: In silico modeling of the celastrol-bound COMMD3/8 complex
Celastrol, an herbal medicinal ingredient, improves the pathology of autoimmune diseases by suppressing the COMMD3/8 complex.


Kazuhiro Suzuki Laboratory

Immune Response Dynamics