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[IFReC/RIMD Members Only] Orientation to use facilities at IFReC and RIMD

We announce that an orientation to use facilities of IFReC and RIMD will be held as follows. We will have orientations in Japanese and in English on a separate day.

April 18(Wed)10:00-15:55(in Japanese)
April 20(Fri)13:30-16:45(in English)

【Venue】 Taniguchi Memorial Hall (1F, Integrated Life Science Building)

【Time table】
April 18 program
April 20 program

Those who engage in specific experiments are required to take some lectures according to rules, regulations and laws. Please take appropriate lectures if you are a new comer or if you engage in particular experiments.

You are requested to participate in either lecture held in Japanese (18th) or in English (20th). There will be no Radio Isotope instructions in English on April 20, however, it will be given to each research group at IFReC or RIMD on a different day.

Those who work at Graduate School of Medicine, Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences and other faculties and who use facilities of RIMD and IFReC are requested to attend these orientations.

【Contact】 Akihiko Takagi, PhD (IFReC Research Planning & Management Office)