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[Apr. 12] ImmunoSeminar by Zoom Webinar© - Bernard Malissen -


A seminar [internal event] by Bernard Malissen was held on Apr. 12 (Wed.),  2023.

Time Schedule

Date/Time Apr. 12 (Wed.), 2023 / 5:00 - 6:00 pm(JST)
Speaker Dr. Bernard Malissen
(Group leader at Centre d'imuunologie de Marseille-Lumity/Founding-director of Center for Immunophenomics, Marseille, France)
Title 'Unveiling the molecular basis of T cell malfunctions and disorders using multi-omics approaches'
How to attend If you wish to attend this Zoom seminar, please access the the registration site by 5 pm, April 10. You will receive a Zoom invitation e-mail a few days before the seminar.
※Internal Event of Osaka University