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[Oct. 6] Special Seminar - Hans Clevers


IFReC will hold a special seminar by Hans Clevers on Oct. 6 2023, at the Taniguchi Memorial Hall, 1st floor of the Integrated Life Science Building, Suita Campus.


Speaker Dr. Hans Clevers (Global Head of Pharma Research and Early Development at Roche, Basel, Switzerland)
Title 'Organoids to model human disease'
Date Oct. 6 (Fri) 2023
Time 3 pm - 4 pm
Venue Taniguchi Memorial Hall, Integrated Life Science Building, RIMD
Chair Shigekazu Nagata (Biochemistry & Immunology, IFReC)
Remarks *A credit seminar for the Graduate School of Medicine and the Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences