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[14-15 June] Joint workshop with ImmunoSensation2 at the University of Bonn to promote joint research


On 14-15 June 2023, a joint workshop was held at the University of Bonn in Germany to promote collaboration between IFReC at Osaka University and ImmunoSensation2 at the University of Bonn. Ten PIs from IFReC and 16 PIs from ImmunoSensation2 participated in this workshop, the aim of which was to promote matching for further joint research in addition to existing ones. The researchers shared information about their research in advance, and gave short talks at the workshop introducing their research, followed by individual interviews with potential collaborators. As a result, more than ten new joint research projects were established.

The workshop commenced with a presentation by Masahiko Hayashi, Director of the JSPS Bonn Office where he introduced the competitive funding provided by the JSPS, which is available to support the joint research.