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Researchers of IFReC awarded at JSI.

Researchers of IFReC were awarded at the general assembly of JSI (Japanese Society for Immunology) held on December 12-14, 2017 in Sendai.

Prof. Taro Kinoshita (Immunoglycobiology) received the 4th JSI Human Immunology Research Award. The awarded title is "Elucidation of the mechanism of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria".
Prof. Cevayir Coban (Malaria Immunology) was awarded the 4th JSI Prize for Women Immunologists. The awarded title is "Revealing the mechanism of host-Plasmodium parasite interactions".
The commemorative lectures by both awardees were held on December 13.

Researchers of IFReC awarded at JSI
Prof. Coban (L) and Prof. Kinoshita (R) at the venue of the commemorative lectures

An award ceremony was also held for the recipients of the 12th JSI Young Investigator Award, and two assistant professors of IFReC, Miwa Sasai (Immunoparasitology) and Kouyuki Hirayasu (Immunochemistry) were honored.