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Kiyoshi Takeda received the Takamine Memorial Daiichi Sankyo Award

The Daiichi Sankyo Foundation for the Promotion of Life Science Research has selected Prof. Kiyoshi Takeda (Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University/Director of WPI-IFReC/CiDER, Osaka University) and Prof. Kenya Honda (Graduate School of Medicine, Keio University/RIKEN/WPI-Bio2Q) as the recipients of the 2024 Takamine Memorial Daiichi Sankyo Award. The award is for their pioneering achievements in the interaction between host and intestinal microbiota.
Both researchers are world leaders in the research on homeostasis maintained by the intestine and resident bacteria. Prof. Takeda in particular, is recognized for his pioneering research of regulating the intestinal immune system by molecules expressed by the host.

The Takamine Memorial Daiichi Sankyo Award is a reward program for researchers who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement and development of basic research and applied research in various fields of life science, especially disease prevention and treatments.