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Science and Technology Festa in Kyoto

"Science and Technology Festa in Kyoto", sponsored by the Cabinet Office, was held on Saturday, June 5th.  IFReC participated in it introducing high school students its forefront researches. We also introduced our WPI activities with other WPI institutes.

More than 500 visited our booth. We met many students who are eager to learn how to become a researcher and how to choose a university to make their dreams come true.

There were interesting events such as scientific presentations by high school students and Robot Contest. Also, high-technologies of business enterprises were exhibited. It was very impressive to find that the visitors were from all over Japan to check this event.

s_t_festa_rpt_7.JPG WPI booth
s_t_festa_rpt_1.JPGIFReC booth
s_t_festa_rpt_0.JPG Kyoto International Conference Center, Annex Hall
s_t_festa_rpt_2.JPG We met many attentive students.