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Science Cafe on the edge [Mar.9]
Immunology at the Forefront - The 9th International Symposium of IFReC[Jan.26]
[Internal Event] The 35th IFReC Colloquium [Feb.21]
The 7th Winter School on Advanced Immunology
The subcellular dynamics of Arid5a in response to inflammation.(Kishimoto Group, in PNAS)
Direct cell-cell contact between mature osteoblasts and osteoclasts dynamically controls their functions in vivo.(M.Ishii Group, in Nature Communications)
[Internal Event]Commemorative Lecture: Prof. Shizuo Akira[Mar.16]
[Internal Event] The 34th IFReC Colloquium [Dec.27]
The Xenobiotic Transporter Mdr1 Enforces T Cell Homeostasis in the Presence of Intestinal Bile Acids(Takeda Group, in Immunity)
Researchers of IFReC awarded at JSI.
Discovery of key molecules involved in severe malaria (Arase Group, in Nature)
IFReC participated in "Science Agora 2017"
Researchers of IFReC were selected to "The World's Most Influential Scientific Minds 2017"
Takashi Sato received the 2017 Osaka University Prize
IFReC Advanced Postdoc Position
The activated conformation of integrin β7 is a novel multiple myeloma-specific target for CAR T cell therapy(Kumanogoh Group, in Nature Medicine)
[IFReC Seminar] Hidehiro Yamane (Nov.7)
[IFReC Seminar] Warren J. Leonard [Oct.26]
Shimon Sakaguchi was named a Person of Cultural Merit of Japan
[IFReC Seminar] Axel Kallies [Oct.20]
[Internal Event] The 33rd IFReC Colloquium [Oct.11]
【Visitor】 Distinguished Guests from the University of Bonn
Prof. Taroh Kinoshita to receive the 2017 Takeda Prize for Medical Science.
[IFReC Seminar] CLAUDIA MAURI [Oct.3]
[IFReC Seminar]Andrea Reboldi/Meirav Pevsner-Fischer(Sep.4)
[IFReC Seminar] Christophe J. Desmet(Sep.4)
[Internal Event] The 32nd IFReC Colloquium [Aug.30]
Peripherally derived FGF21 promotes remyelination in the central nervous system (Yamashita group, in JCI)
[WPI joint outreach event]Super Science High School Student Fair 2017 [Aug 9-10]