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[Internal Event] The 37th IFReC Colloquium [June 13]
Neuron guidance factor Semaphorin 6D plays a key roll in macrophage lipid metabolism and anti-inflammatory polarization (Kumanogoh Group, in Nature immunology)
Autoimmune Th17 cells induced synovial stromal and innate lymphoid cell secretion of GM-CSF to initiate and augment autoimmune arthritis (Sakaguchi Group, in Immunity)
[IFReC Seminar] Mahesh Desai (May.21)
The 8th Winter School on Advanced Immunology
Icho FESTIVAL・Science Cafe on the edge[Apr.30]
[Internal Event] The 36th IFReC Colloquium [Apr.25]
Guidance Seminar to Conduct Research in Japan [Apr.23]
T follicular helper cell-germinal center B cell interaction strength regulates entry into plasma cell or recycling GC cell fate (Kurosaki Group, in Immunity)
IFReC researchers to receive the Scientists' Prize by MEXT
Multiancestry genome-wide association study of 520,000 subjects identifies 32 loci associated with stroke and stroke subtypes.(Okada Group, in Nature Genetics)
RIMD/IFReC Joint Orientation and Lab tour 2018[May 19]
Professor Shimon Sakaguchi to receive the Momofuku Ando Prize
B-1a lymphocytes promote oligodendrogenesis during brain development (Yamashita Group, in Nature Neuroscience)
Science Cafe on the edge [Mar.9]
IFReC co-organized the WPI Science Symposium
IFReC participated in AAAS 2018 annual meeting
IFReC welcomed the visitor from "Medical Japan"
Michelle Sue Jann Lee to receive JSPS Ikushi Prize
Combination of multiple optical measurements can assess macrophage activation at single-cell level without any contrast agent (Nicholas I. Smith Group, in PNAS)
[Internal Event] The 35th IFReC Colloquium [Feb.21]
Immunology at the Forefront - The 9th International Symposium of IFReC[Jan.26]
The 7th Winter School on Advanced Immunology
The subcellular dynamics of Arid5a in response to inflammation.(Kishimoto Group, in PNAS)
Direct cell-cell contact between mature osteoblasts and osteoclasts dynamically controls their functions in vivo.(M.Ishii Group, in Nature Communications)
[Internal Event] Commemorative Lecture: Prof. Shizuo Akira[Mar.16]
[Internal Event] The 34th IFReC Colloquium [Dec.27]
The Xenobiotic Transporter Mdr1 Enforces T Cell Homeostasis in the Presence of Intestinal Bile Acids(Takeda Group, in Immunity)
Researchers of IFReC awarded at JSI.