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Tet2 and Tet3 in B cells repress CD86 and prevent autoimmunity (Kurosaki G, in Nat Immunol)​
Tadamitsu Kishimoto to Receive the 2020 Tang Prize
Shimon Sakaguchi to receive the Robert Koch Award
Orientation to conduct research at IFReC and RIMD ( ~ June 5)
Let's Study Immunology! Enjoy IFReC‼
A BET family protein degrader provokes senolysis by targeting NHEJ and autophagy in senescent cells (Hara G, in Nat Commun)
[Materials are distributed by email only] RIMD/IFReC Joint Orientation and Lab tour 2020 [May 23]
Information from the Japanese Government and Osaka University on COVID-19
Sujin Kang awarded by MEXT
LPS-induced IL-6 and IL-12p40 production promoted by noncanonical STAT1 phosphorylation (Kishimoto G, in Sci Signal)
[Cancelled]Icho FESTIVAL・Science Cafe on the edge[May.2]
Elucidating the onset principle of fibrosis (Akira G, in Immuity)
[Ceremony]Shimon Sakaguchi receive the Paul Elrich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Prize
Isolation of tissue-resident vascular endothelial stem cells from mouse liver (Takakura G, in Nat. Protocols)​
[Postponed]Memorial lecture by Professor Shimon Sakaguchi at the Order of Culture Award Memorial Symposium (Kyoto University)
IFReC and Osaka University participate in AAAS 2020.
Cross-talks of glycosylphosphatidylinositol biosynthesis with glycosphingolipid biosynthesis and ER-associated degradation (Kinoshita G in Nat Commun)
Pathological and therapeutic implications of eosinophil-derived semaphorin 4D in eosinophilic chronic rhinosinusitis (Kumanogoh G in JACI)​
[IFReC Seminar] Fubito Nakatsu [Feb.6]
Immunology at the Forefront - The 11th International Symposium of IFReC[Jan.24]
The 9th Winter School on Advanced Immunology
[Internal Event] The 45th IFReC Colloquium [Jan.29]
WPI x KNOWLEDGE CAPITAL Kansai WPI Series #3[Feb.8]
[Outreach] Event Information: 8th WPI Science Symposium[Jan.12]
WPI x KNOWLEDGE CAPITAL Kansai WPI Series #1[Jan.25]
[Outreach] Kagaku Zanmai(addiction to science) in Aichi 2019[Dec. 27]
IFReC researchers awarded by JSI
Winter School 2019 for high school teachers
[Special Seminar] Frederic Geissmann[Dec.16]