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FY 2013

Autoantibodies to IgG/HLA class II complexes are associated with rheumatoid arthritis susceptibility (Hisashi ARASE in PNAS)
WPI participated in AAAS 2014
[Internal Event] The 14th IFReC Colloquium
"Happy Hour" party was held.
Nonagonistic Dectin-1 ligand transforms CpG into a multitask nanoparticulate TLR9 agonist (Ken ISHII in PNAS)
A seminar by Shan LU, MD, PhD, was held on February 4.
A seminar by Dr. Eicke LATZ, was held on January 30, 2014.
The 3rd NIF Winter School on Advanced Immunology
[Symposium] "Mini Malaria Immunopathology Symposium" was held on January 15.
IFReC scientist to receive "JSMRM Bayer International Publication Award".
WPI will participate in AAAS 2014
A Christmas Seminar by Dr. Florent GINHOUX , was held on December 24.
"Happy Hour" party was held.
The 13th IFReC Colloquium" was held on December 18.
A seminar by Dr. Takeshi Egawa was held on December 9.
Tatsuya SAITOH awarded by the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
Toshio YANAGIDA was named a Person of Cultural Merit of Japan
The 12th IFReC Colloquium was held on October 16
"Happy Hour" party was held.
IFReC scientist to receive "JSMRM Best Poster Award".
Kuzuya KIKUCHI to receive the Osaka Science Prize
Strawberry notch homologue 2 regulates osteoclast fusion by enhancing the expression of DC-STAMP (Shizuo AKIRA in JEM)
The second messenger phosphatidylinositol-5-phosphate facilitates antiviral innate immune signaling (Shizuo AKIRA in Cell Host & Microbe)
The 11th IFReC Colloquium was held on August 7
Diego Miranda-Saavedra is promoted to a new position
Seminar of "Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research" for Overseas Researchers was held.
A seminar by Dr. Susana Guerra was held on July 18.
Repression of Bach2 contributes to predisposition of IgG1 memory B cells toward plasma cell differentiation. (Tomohiro KUROSAKI in Immunity)
IFReC scientist to receive "JACI Young Investigator Award".
AKIRA and SAKAGUCHI, Elected to "Distinguished Professor"
[Internal Event] Live Immuno-Imaging Facility (LiF) Opening Workshop
A seminar by Dr. Gos Micklem was held on June 17.
"The 10th IFReC Colloquium" was held on June 12.
A seminar by Dr. Axel Kallies was held on June 4.
The 1st Immunology Frontier "B to B Seminar" was held.
Malt1-Induced Cleavage of Regnase-1 in CD4+ Helper T Cells Regulates Immune Activation. (Shizuo AKIRA in Cell)
Arid5a controls IL-6mRNA stability, which contributes to elevation of IL-6 level in vivo. (Tadamitsu KISHIMOTO in PNAS)
A seminar by Dr. Noriko Takegahara was held on May 9.
"The 9th IFReC Colloquium" was held on April 24.
The double stranded RNA poly IC triggers a cathepsin D-IPS-1-dependent pathway to enhance cytokine production and mediate dendritic cell necroptosis (Shizuo AKIRA in Immunity)
Hisashi ARASE to be awarded by MEXT
S1P-mediated osteoclast precursor monocyte migration is a critical point of control in anti-bone-resorptive actions of active vitamin D. (Masaru ISHII in PNAS)