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[Outreach] Osaka University Co-Creation Day @ EXPOCITY

With a booth theme of "IFReC Immunology Lab," we participated in the Osaka University Co-Creation Day 2019 @ EXPOCITY, which was held at LaLaport EXPOCITY in Osaka on Saturday, 30 December 2019.

At our booth, visitors looked at posters showing the latest research achievements in cancer diagnosis and treatment and took part in fill-in-the-blank quizzes, observed slides of normal and cancerous colon tissues through a microscope, and played games using models of blood cells. Our booth received many visitors and provided them an opportunity to ask questions about cancer and blood cells.

2019大阪大学共創Day 2019大阪大学共創Day 2019大阪大学共創Day 2019大阪大学共創Day