In the symposium, the world's leading scientists discuss current progress in elucidating immune reactions and mechanisms that mediate and regulate immune responses. The participants have an excellent opportunity to exchange information and ideas to accelerate and further the progress of immunology to the future discovery of new therapies for immune diseases.


FY2022 IFReC - Doherty Institute & Partners Immunology Symposium

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FY2022 International Symposium on Microbiology and Immunology - The 12th International Symposium of IFReC

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FY2022 The 2nd UCL-OU Joint Symposium on Immunology

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FY2021 The 2nd ImmunoSensation2 - IFReC Joint Workshop(Online)

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FY2019 The 11th International Symposium of IFReC Immunology at the Forefront

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FY2019 The 1st UCL-OU Joint Symposium on Immunology


FY2018 Next Gen Immunology in Health and Disease


FY2018 Cluster Science Days 2018 and the 10th International Symposium of IFReC


FY2017 Immunology at the Forefront - The 9th International Symposium of IFReC


FY2016 8th International Symposium on Advanced Immunology - Commemorating the 10th anniversary of IFReC and the 77th anniversary of Prof. Tadamitsu Kishimoto's birth

Shimon Sakaguchi (Osaka University) Richard Flavell (Yale University) Tasuku Honjo (Kyoto University) Tak W. Mak (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Canada)Atsushi Kumanogoh (Osaka Univ) Josef S. Smolen (Medical University of Vienna)  Tadamitsu Kishimoto (Osaka University) Frederic Alt (Harvard University) Tomohiro Kurosaki (Osaka University) Max Cooper (Emory University) Kiyoshi Takeda (Osaka University) Gabriel Nunez (University of Michigan) Tadatsugu Taniguchi (University of Tokyo) Ruslan Medzhitov (Yale University) Shizuo Akira (Osaka University)

FY2015 7th IFReC International Symposium "Immunology at the Forefront"


FY2014 6th IFReC International Symposium "Immunology at the Forefront"


FY2013 International Symposium "Towards Comprehensive Understanding of Immune Dynamizm"


FY2012 5th International Symposium "Dynamism of Immune Reactions & Regulation"


FY2010 4th International Symposium "Immunology at the Forefront"


FY2009 3th International Symposium "Immune Regulation: Present and Future"


FY2008 2nd International Symposium "Immune Regulation: Present and Future"


FY2007 Kick-off symposium of WPI-IFReC - Immunology and Imaging"