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The 2ND International Symposium of IFReC


The 2ND International Symposium of IFReC was held at Osaka University on February 12 and 13, 2009.

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Main theme: Dynamics of Immune Responses
Download the symposium program.
-Opening ceremony:
   Kiyokazu WASHIDA, President, Osaka University
-Greeting and introduction of IFReC
   Shizuo AKIRA, Director of IFReC
Total 20 researchers including 4 researchers of IFReC gave presentations.
Speakers interacted actively with attendance through questions and answers.
at the end of each session.
-Concluding remarks:
Shimon SAKAGUCHI, Principal investigator of IFReC
The speakers and IFReC staff shared their research achievements through seminars held at each laboratories of IFReC on February 13, after the symposium, and excursion to Kyoto on February 14.

The welcome reception was held at Senri-Hankyu Hotel after the first day of the symposium.

-Shizuo AKIRA, Director of IFReC
-Congratulatory addresses:
-Steffen MASSBERG, Professor of Harvard Medical School
-Masayuki MIYASAKA, Principal investigator of IFReC
Approx. 200 persons participated in the reception and enjoyed talks in a cheerful mood.