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Seminar FY 2015

The 10th lecture of the Immunology Lecture Series
Dr. Fijs W.B. Van Leeuwen
[Internal Event] The 24th IFReC Colloquium
[IFReC Seminar] Prof. André Veillette
[IFReC Seminar] Prof. Jean Pieters
The 5th NIF Winter School on Advanced Immunology
7th IFReC International Symposium "Immunology at the Forefront"
The 5th WPI joint symposium
[Internal Event] The 23rd IFReC Colloquium
A seminar by Dr. Takeshi EGAWA
A seminar by Prof. Andreas DIEFENBACH
A seminar by Prof. Eddy F. Y. Liew
A seminar by Prof. Chen DONG.
A seminar by Prof. Yihai CAO
A seminar by Prof. Scott I. Simon
[Internal Event] The 22nd IFReC Colloquium
The 9th lecture of the Immunology Lecture Series
The 6th Kishimoto Foundation Lecture
A seminar by Bali PULENDRAN, Ph.D.
[Internal Event] The 21st IFReC Colloquium
A seminar by Masashi Watanabe, Ph.D.
2015 Joint Orientation and Lab Tour-Research Institute for Microbial Diseases (RIMD) & Immunology Frontier Research Center (IFReC)
[Internal Event] The 20th IFReC Colloquium