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Seminar FY 2009

A seminar by Dr. Masashi Nemoto was held on March 12.
The 4th International Symposium "Immunology at the Forefront" will be held on June 1-2.
A seminar by Dr. Junichi Nabekura on "Microglial surveillance of synapses- in vivo 2 photon microscopic observation" was held on March 3.
A seminar by Dr. Michio Tomura "Understanding of the immune system by spatiotemporal regulation of immune cells in the whole body " was held.
A seminar by Prof. Mitsutoshi Setou on "Imaging mass spectrometry" was held on Jan. 29.
A seminar by Masanori Matsuzaki, PhD on "Optical imaging" was held on Jan. 21.
A seminar by Dr. Ken Cadwell on "Virus-host interaction" was held on Jan. 21.
A seminar by Dr. Juan M Vaquerizas on "The nuclear pore, chromosomal organization and gene regulation" was held on Jan. 18.
A seminar by Dr. Jean-Pierre GORVEL was held on December 21.
"Imaging-Immunology Interactive Seminar" by Dr. Mark Miller was held on December 4.
The seminar by Dr. Kei Yasuda was held on December 1.
International Workshop "Bioinformatics in Immunology" was held on November 6.
A seminar by Dr. Kazuya Kikuchi, a new PI of IFReC was held on October 7.
A seminar by Dr. Herbert W. Virgin was held on September 28.
IFReC-IVI Joint Symposium "Regulation of Innate Immunity" - report
A seminar by Dr. Masaki Fukunaga was held on July 31.
A seminar by Dr. Miranda-Saavedra was held on July 27.
The International Joint Symposium in Singapore - report
The International Symposium "Immune Regulation: Present and Future"
A seminar by Dr. Unanue was held on May 28.
The International Symposium "Frontier Immuno-Imaging" was held on May 11.