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Seminar FY 2010

RIMD/IFReC Joint Orientation and Lab tour 2011
Imaging-Immunology Interactive Seminar
The International Symposium "Towards Comprehensive Understanding of Immune Dynamism (TCUID 2011)"
The 2nd International Sympoium on Integrated PET- MRI was held January 28 - 29
A seminar by Dr. Yoshiki Yamaguchi was held on January 24.
A seminar by Prof. Takashi Nagasawa was held on January 19.
A seminar by Associate Professors Mayda Gursel and Ihsan Gursel was conducted on January 17.
A seminar by Prof. Nirbhay Kumar was held on January 12.
A seminar by Dr. Yoshiki Yamaguchi will be held on January 24.
Senri Life Science Seminar "Imaging of Immune Response"
2nd Clinical Immuno-Imaging Conference was held on December 10.
The 2nd International Sympoium on Integrated PET- MRI
A seminar by Dr. Shrestha Rojan was held on November 29.
IFReC-CSI Joint Symposium
Magnetic Resonance Seminar was held on October 29.
IFReC-CSI Joint Symposium
"Japan - Germany Immunology Conference 2010" was held.
[Internal Event] Workshop for the "Research Support Program for Combined Research Fields"
A seminar by Dr. Lai Guan Ng was held on August 30.
Attn: A seminar by Dr. Kazuhiro Suzuki was held on on August 18.
A seminar by Dr. Garry Nolan was held on August 17.
A seminar by Dr. Steven Applequist was held on August 16.
A seminar by Dr. Hiroshi Abe was held on July 15.
A seminar by Prof. Howard Riezman was held on July 6.
A seminar by Dr. Sarah Teichmann was held on June 14.
The 4th International Conference of B Cells and Autoimmunity
The 4th International Symposium of WPI IFReC -Immunology at the Forefront-
【For Student】 RIMD and IFReC Joint explanatory Session/ Tour