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The First Joint Seminar between Immunology and Imaging groups was held.

The fusion of Immunology and Imaging is one of the significant themes of WPI-IFReC. In order to embody it and deepen mutual understanding between Immunology and Imaging groups, we had the First Joint Seminar between Immunology and Imaging groups on May 28, 2008.

The seminar started with opening remarks by Prof. Shizuo Akira, Director of WPI-IFReC. Then, three researchers of Imaging groups, Prof. Yoshichika Yoshioka(Biofunctional Imaging), Prof. Takashi Jin(Nano-bio Materials), and Assistant Prof. Tomonobu Watanabe(Single Molecule Imaging)introduced their cutting-edge research on imaging.

After a break, Prof. Atsushi Kumanogoh(Immunopathology), Prof. Hisashi Arase(Immunochemistry), and Prof. Kiyoshi Takeda(Mucosal Immunology)from Immunology groups gave presentations on their recent research achievement.

Lastly, Prof. Toshio Yanagida, Deputy Director of WPI-IFReC made closing remarks. There were approx. 80 participants including young researchers and students from each Lab and they had active questions and answers sessions. Especially, hot discussion on how imaging and immunology groups connect their research results was made.

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After the seminar, there was a small gathering for free discussion and promotion of exchange among the participants. At the beginning of the gathering, Prof. Tadamitsu Kishimoto, Former President of Osaka University, gave comments on the seminar and made toast as one of PIs in WPI-IFReC. It was a nice opportunity for all WPI-IFReC members to enjoy talks and exchange opinions with other researchers.

This joint seminar will be held on regular basis aiming at further development of fusion of immunology and imaging.