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A seminar by Dr. Verthelyi was held on August 18.

The seminar titled "Modulating innate and inflammatory responses to treat viral encephalitis" was held on August 18th, 2008, at Biken seminar room. The lecturer was Dr. Daniela Verthelyi, Laboratory Chief, Laboratory of Immunology, Division of Therapeutic Proteins, Center for Drug Research and Evaluation, FDA, USA.

Dr. Verthelyi made a presentation on immunotherapy to mice getting virus-induced encephalitis. The main theme of the presentation was how therapeutic intervention could be approached from both immunological and pathological aspects for viral infectious diseases, whose infected area has expanded beyond tropical zones with global warming.

Approximately 40 young researchers and students participated in the seminar and listened attentively to her lecture. The seminar was followed by a Q&A session, and a fruitful discussion was conducted.


Dr. Verthelyi (L) and the seminar (R)

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