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A seminar by Dr. Zenke was held on October 7.

The seminar titled "The Id2/E2A Transcription Factor Antagonism in Dendritic Cell Development" was held on October 7th, 2008, at RIMD seminar room. The lecturer was Martin Zenke, PhD, Professor of Cell Biology and Chairman, Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Department of Cell Biology, Aachen University, Germany.

Dr. Zenke has achieved brilliant success on the studies of transcription factors, and presented how transcription factor E2A and transcriptional regulator Id2 do work during the processes of differentiation from stem cell into Langerhans cell, one of dendritic cells.


Approximately 40 researchers including Prof. Akira, Director of IFReC and Prof. Kishimoto, Former President of Osaka University listened attentively to the lecture. After the seminar, Dr. Zenke affectionately introduced the town of Aachen, and the atmosphere relaxed.



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