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WPI-IFReC Third Seminar was held.

For further understanding and fusion of researches in Immunology, Imaging, and Bioinformatics, we had the WPI-IFReC Third Seminar on December 17, 2008.

The seminar started with opening remarks by Prof. Shizuo Akira, Director of WPI-IFReC. Then, Dr. Daron M. Standley, a new Principal Investigator of System Immunology laboratory (Bioinformatics group) lectured “A Practical Guide to Systems Immunology”.

Later, Assistant Prof. Tatsuya Saito (Host Defense), Associate Prof. Masaaki Murakami (Developmental Immunology), and Associate Prof. Yusuke Maeda (Immunoglycobiology) lectured on their latest researches.

Because this seminar was held with closed doors, some precious unpublished data were presented and participants discussed over topics in each lecture.

Lastly, Prof. Shimon Sakaguchi gave closing remarks. After the seminar, there was a small gathering for free discussion with foods and drinks. At the beginning of the gathering, Prof. Masayuki Miyasaka made a comment on the seminar and gave a toast. The researchers of IFReC deepened research exchanges with other laboratories.