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"LICHT Leica Center" opening seminar was held.

Osaka University and Leica Microsystems have signed a joint research contract and established a joint research and development center, the "LICHT Leica Center," on the 7th floor of the IFReC Research Building.
To commemorate its opening, "LICHT Leica Center" opening seminar was held on June the 22nd. At the start of the seminar, IFReC Director Akira, Leica Microsystems KK President Ueno, and Osaka University trustee Baba gave opening addresses. In the seminar, four researchers presented their current research progress related to bioimaging technology. Afterward, a tour to the "LICHT Leica Center" was arranged for participants of the seminar.

(Report: Jun SAKANOUE)

*LICHT: Leica-Osaka University Interdisciplinary Collaboration Hub for Techno-development on bioimaging

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