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[Internal Event] The 24th IFReC Colloquium

"The 24th IFReC Colloquium" was held on February 10.

  • The seminar is open to IFReC members only.
  • It will be held every two months.
  • At each seminar, speakers from IFReC laboratories talk about their recent research progress.

Time Lab Speaker Chair
3:30pm- Introduction of new members & those leaving
3:35pm- Biofunctional Imaging PI: Yoshichika Yoshioka
Yuki Mori
Diego Diez
4:10pm- Quantitative Immunology Unit Shunsuke Teraguchi
Yutaro Kumagai
Chizuko Inui
4:40pm- Immunochemistry PI: Hisashi Arase
Fumiji Saito
5:20pm- Happy Hour