If you would like to rent a private apartment, please contact My room by Osaka University CO-OP.
MYROOM posts a lot of housing information. They hold the largest numbers of properties around the campuses (some are furnished), and introduce housing to not only Japanese students and staff but also to international students and researchers at Osaka University. In their home page, property information available in English, the upper right pink banner titled,“for International Students, Researchers”. MYROOM counters are located in all 3 campuses, and experienced staff are also available for consultation and will do so in a courteous manner.
  • Suita Campus 06-6877-6507
  • Toyonaka Campus 06-6841-3360
  • Minoh Campus 072-729-6389
  • Please check the office hours in advance, which may change seasonally.

    English-speaking staff and assistance available for making arrangements (electricity, gas, water, insurance and etc.)

    Furnished rooms available as part of a packaged deal (bed, mattress, desk, chair, refrigerator and washer)

  • MYROOM Web Site


Osaka Gas supplies the utility gas in the Kansai region. When you begin living in your new residence, contact the Hokubu Office, Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.
Tel. 0120-5-94817
to make an arrangement for having the gas valve opened. An employee will visit you on the appointed date to open the valve, an inspection of gas lines and appliances with instructions on how to use them.
Osaka Gas


The electricity in Osaka is supplied by Kansai Electric Power Co., Ltd”. In order to begin using electricity or in case of emergency, contact the nearest service office of Kansai Electric Power Co., Ltd”.
  • Suita City, Settsu City, Toyonaka City
    Hokusetsu Service Office:
    Tel. 0800-777-8015
  • Takatsuki City, Ibaraki City Takatsuki Service Office:
    Tel. 0800-777-8018
  • Ikeda City, Minoh City Ikeda Service Office:
    Tel. 0800-777-8142
Kansai Electric Power


When you move into your new residence, contact the waterworks division of the city office in the city where you live in.
  • Suita City:
    Waterworks Dept.:
    Tel. 06-6384-1255
  • Toyonaka City: Waterworks Bureau :
    Tel. 06-6858-2931
  • Minoh City: Water Supply and Sewerage Authority :
    Tel. 072-724-6756
  • Ibaraki City:
    Waterworks Dept.
    Tel. 072-620-1691
  • Ikeda City: Water Supply & Sewage Dept.
    Tel. 072-754-6104
  • Takatsuki City: Waterworks Dept.
    Tel. 072-674-7890

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