Hankyu Yamada

Around Yamada Station

  • Dew Hankyu Yamada (Shopping Center):4-1-2 Yamadanishi, Suita City  (Japanese only)
  • Kohyo (Supermarket in Dew Hankyu Yamada):4-1-2 Yamadanishi, Suita City   
  • MaxValue Kitayamada (Supermarket): 6-1 Yamadakita, Suita City   



  • LaLaport Expocity (Commercial Complex):2-1 Senribampaku Koen, Suita City 
  • Expocity :4-1-2 Yamadanishi, Suita City   


Around JR Ibaraki Station

  • Yamaya JR Ibaraki Ekimae (Liquor&Food shop) :1-28 Nishichujo-cho, Ibaraki City  (japanese only)
  • Izumiya Ibaraki (Supermarket) : 4-104 Nishiekimae-cho, Ibaraki City   (japanese only)
  • Food Market SATAKE Ibaraki Nishiekimae (Supermarket) : 10-28 Nishiekimae-cho, Ibaraki City
  • MARUYASU Ibaraki Ekimae (Supermarket) : 1-4-11-1Kasuga, Ibaraki City   (japanese only)
  • Aeon Mall Ibaraki (Shopping Mall) : 8-3 Matsugamoto-cho, Ibaraki City   (japanese only)
  • Server (Drug store / Discount Food Shop) : 8-3 Matsugamoto-cho, Ibaraki City   (japanese only)


Access to Osaka Downtown

Access to Osaka northern downtown (Kita)

  • From Kita-Senri to Umeda 
  • From Senri-Chuo to Umeda 

Access to Osaka southern downtown, Minami district

  • From Kita-Senri to Shinsaibashi 
  • From Senri-Chuo to Shinsaibashi 
  • From Kita-Senri to Namba 
  • From Senri-Chuo to Namba 
  • Shin Umeda Building
  • Tekijuku
  • Namba
  • Hozenji Yokocho
  • Osaka Station
  • Tekijuku
  • Umeda
  • Umeda station
  • Kuromon Ichiba Market
  • Shitennoji Temple
  • Midosuji Street
  • Tenjin Festival

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