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Topics FY 2010

[For IFReC Staff ] Shipping of Biological Samples Overseas
Prof. Shizuo Akira of IFReC was awarded "The Canada Gairdner International Award".
Prof. Yanagida was awarded the US Genomics Award for Outstanding Investigator.
Director Akira's keynote lecture at TCUID2011 will be broadcast live on USTREAM.
Japan Prizes Awarded to two professors from IFReC, Prof. Kishimoto and Prof. Hirano.
The award ceremony and commemorative lectures of The Keio Medical Science Prize were held.
Swedish Young Scientists Delegation visited the IFReC
The British Consul visited the IFReC.
National Research Foundation of Korea visited the IFReC
Science communication event "Science Agora"
Associate Prof. Masaru Ishi was awarded the "Astellas Award for the Best Biomedical Research"
The award ceremony for the Osaka Science Prize
Science communication event "Science Agora"
Avery-Landsteiner Prize awarded to Professor Shizuo Akira, Director of IFReC.
[Internal Event] Workshop for the "Research Support Program for Combined Research Fields"was held on Sep. 15th.
Professor Atsushi Kumanogoh to receive the Osaka Science Prize
Professor Shizuo Akira to receive the Keio Medical Science Prize
President of National Tsing Hua University visited the IFReC.
Dr. Nicholas Burdin, Sanofi Pasteur Head of Discovery France Senior Director, visited the IFReC
"The mystery of life visualized by advanced live imaging technique."
Report on a special lecture for high school students
Student from Dankook University, Korea, visited the IFReC.
New Job opportunities
The U.S. Consulate General in Osaka-Kobe Visited the IFReC
Associate Prof. Masaru Ishii's project was selected as one of the "Hirameki Tokimeki Science" programs by JSPS.
IFReC - New Zealand Joint Workshop - report
Science and Technology Festa in Kyoto
Science and Technology Festa in Kyoto
Professor Tadamitsu Kishimoto receives the 2010 Clinical Immunology Society President's Award.
Kasugaoka House (residence for international researchers) Opening Ceremony
Swedish Ambassador Visited the IFReC
Walloon Region (Belgium) Government members visited IFReC
The AEARU Board of Directors visited IFReC
Staff Development Training for Administrative Department
Professors Kishimoto and Hirano were commended by Mayor of Osaka.
Professor Kinoshita, Associate Professors Ishii and Maeda were awarded a Commendation by MEXT.