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Topics FY 2011

Prof. Shimon Sakaguchi to receive the Japan Academy Prize.
The WPI participated in AAAS 2012.
Prof. Shimon Sakaguchi to receive Asahi Prize.
Science and Technology Festa in Kyoto
The second traditional Japanese green tea party that was held on December 14.
Prof. Shizuo Akira to receive "Suita City Mayor's Prize".
A seminar by Prof. Yasuyuki Fujita will be held on December 9.
Students from Kaimei Senior High School visited RIMD & IFReC
Prof. Hisashi Arase to receive JSI Award.
Shizuo Akira appeared in "Nikkei Science".
Prof. Masaru Ishii and some other IFReC researchers appeared in "Experimental Medicine".
Students from Takasaki Senior High School visited IFReC
Students from Tokushimakita Senior High School visited IFReC
Director Akira gave a lecture to "Super Science High Schools" students.
IFReC Research Building Completion Ceremony
Tanabata Tea Party was held on July 7.
Traditional Japanese green tea party was held on June 17.
IFReC Research Facility List is now available.
"WPI centers on March 11, 2011 and aftermath" Report by Toshio KUROKI
RIMD/IFReC Joint Orientation and Lab tour 2011 was held on May 14th
[For IFReC Staff] Meeting room reservation system is now available online.
Information about IFReC common facilities has been uploaded.
Osaka University topped the world rankings in the "INSTITUTIONS IN IMMUNOLOGY".
[For IFReC Staff] Helpful Disaster Response Websites
The organizational chart has been modified.
Osaka University ranked 5th at the latest Nature Asia-Pacific Publications Ranking.