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Topics FY 2012

IFReC participated in "Science Festa in Kyoto 2013"
The WPI participated in AAAS 2013.
IFReC and WPI will participate in AAAS 2013.
Director AKIRA gave a lecture to high-school students.
Kazuya KIKUCHI to receive "INOUE Prize for Science".
IFReC scientists to receive "JSI Incentive Award".
SSF Delegation visited IFReC.
Rikinari HANAYAMA to receive Astellas Award for the Best Biomedical Research.
Dr. Gilles BLOCH (CEA, France) visited IFReC.
The first IFReC retreat
Atsushi KUMANOGOH to receive Mochida Memorial Award.
FY2012 WPI Follow-up Meeting was held.
An explanatory meeting for "stopping misuse of research funds" was held.
New Job Opportunities
New Job Opportunities
Professor and students from the Catholic University of Daegu visited IFReC
Director AKIRA gave a lecture at Shuyukan Senior High School.
The emeritus professors visited IFReC
The delegates from Belgium visited IFReC
[Archive]2012 Awaji Island, Japan
Shimon Sakaguchi, Elected by National Academy of Sciences.
Tomohiro Kurosaki to be awarded by MEXT.