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Research FY 2009

Immunogenicity of Whole-Parasite Vaccines against Plasmodium falciparum Involves Malarial Hemozoin and
Myelin-associated glycoprotein mediates membrane fusion and entry of neurotropic herpesviruses (Prof. Arase and Assistant Prof. Suenaga (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA))
Induction of Intestinal Th17 Cells by Segmented Filamentous Bacteria (Associate Prof. Honda & Prof. Takeda in Cell)
A single polymorphic amino acid on Toxoplasma gondii kinase ROP16 determines the direct and strain-specific activation of Stat3. (Assistant Prof. Yamamoto & Prof. Takeda in J. Exp. Med.)
GPI Glycan Remodeling by PGAP5 Regulates Transport of GPI-Anchored Proteins from the ER to the Golgi. (Prof. Kinoshita in Cell)
Aryl hydrocarbon receptor in combination with Stat1 regulates LPS-induced inflammatory responses. (Prof. Kishimoto in J. Exp. Med.)
TANK is a negative regulator of Toll-like receptor signaling and is critical for the prevention of autoimmune nephritis. (Associate Prof. Takeuchi & Prof. Akira in Nature Immunology
Zinc transporter Znt5/Slc30a5 is required for the mast cell–mediated delayed-type allergic reaction but not the immediate-type reaction. (Prof. Hirano in J. Exp. Med.)
Functional Delineation and Differentiation Dynamics of Human CD4+ T Cells Expressing the FoxP3 Transcription Factor. (Prof. Sakaguchi in Immunity)