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Research FY 2015

Lypd8 promotes the segregation of flagellated microbiota and colonic epithelia (TAKEDA group, in Nature)
p62 plays a specific role in interferon-γ-induced presentation of a Toxoplasma vacuolar antigen (Masahiro Yamamoto in Cell Reports)
CNOT3 contributes to early B cell development by controlling Igh rearrangement and p53 mRNA stability(Tomohiro Kurosaki in JEM)
RabGDIα is a negative regulator of interferon-γ-inducible GTPase-dependent cell-autonomous immunity to Toxoplasma gondii(Masahiro Yamamoto in PNAS)
Visualizing the appearance and disappearance of the attractor of differentiation using Raman spectral imaging (Hideaki Fujita in Scientific Reports)
Visualized macrophage dynamics and significance of S100A8 in obese fat (Masaru ISHII in PNAS)