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Research FY 2012

Critical role of Trib1 in differentiation of tissue-resident M2-like macrophages. (Shizuo AKIRA in Nature)
Microtubule-driven spatial arrangement of mitochondria promotes activation of the NLRP3 inflammasome. (Shizuo AKIRA in Nat Immunol)
A point mutation in Semaphorin 4A associates with defective endosomal sorting and causes retinal degenerative diseases. (Atsushi KUMANOGOH in Nat Commun)
Dynamic visualization of RANKL and Th17-mediated osteoclast function. (Masaru ISHII in JCI)
The transcription factor Jdp2 controls bone homeostasis and antibacterial immunity by regulating osteoclast and neutrophil differentiation. (Shizuo AKIRA in Immunity)
Spi-B is critical for plasmacytoid dendritic cell function and development. (Tsuneyasu KAISHO in Blood)
Lipocalin 2 bolsters innate and adaptive immune responses to blood-stage malaria infection by reinforcing host iron metabolism. (Cevayir COBAN in Cell Host & Microbe)
T cell receptor stimulation-induced epigenetic changes and Foxp3 expression are independent and complementary events required for Treg cell development. (Shimon SAKAGUCHI in Immunity)
Neutrophil infiltration during inflammation is regulated by PILR-α via modulation of integrin activation (Hisashi ARASE in Nature Immunology)
Neutrophil Extracellular Traps Mediate a Host Defense Response to Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 (Tatsuya SAITOH & Shizuo AKIRA in Cell Host & Microbe)
A Cluster of Interferon-γ-Inducible p65 GTPases Plays a Critical Role in Host Defense against Toxoplasma gondii. (Masahiro YAMAMOTO & Kiyoshi TAKEDA in Immunity)
Nucleic acid sensing at the interface between innate and adaptive immunity in vaccination (Ken ISHII in Nature Reviews Immunology)
The Ets Transcription Factor Spi-B is Essential for the Differentiation of Intestinal Microfold (M) Cells. (Hiroshi OHNO (RIKEN) & Tsuneyasu KAISHO (IFReC) in Nat Immunol)
Programmed cell death 1 forms negative costimulatory microclusters that directly inhibit T cell receptor signaling by recruiting phosphatase SHP2 (Takashi SAITO in JEM)
Osteoprotection by semaphorin 3A (Hiroshi TAKAYANAGI (TMDU) & Atsushi KUMANOGOH (IFReC) in Nature)