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IFReC若手研究者のビデオメッセージ -第2回


Dr. Takeshi INOUE - Mechanism for the establishment of immunological memory -

Dr. Takeshi INOUE talks about his research as a whole.

JEM 2020 (Inoue et al.)

JEM 2017 (Inoue et al.)

Nat Immunol 2016 (Shinnakasu et al.)

JEM 2015 (Inoue et al.)

Laboratory of Lymphocyte Differentiation, IFReC

Dr. Hiroki TANAKA - Regnase-1; A regulator of inflammatory responses -

Dr. Hiroki TANAKA talks about his research as a whole.

JEM 2019 (Tanaka et al.)

Cell 2013 (Uehata et al.)

Nat Immunol. 2011 (Iwasaki et al.)

Nature 2009 (Matsushita et al.)

Laboratory of Laboratory of Host Defense、IFReC

Dr. Nicolas PAVILLON

- Noninvasive detection of immune cell activationby label-free spectroscopy -

Dr. Nicolas PAVILLON talks about his research as a whole.

Sci Rep 2019 (Pavillon et al.)

PNAS 2018 (Pavillon et al.)

Laboratory of Biophotonics, IFReC

Dr. Kenji ICHIYAMA - Regulation of immune responses by various T cells -

Dr. Kenji ICHIYAMA talks about his research as a whole.

Annu Rev Immunol 2020 (Sakaguchi et al.)

Immunity 2016 (Ichiyama et al.)

Immunity 2015 (Ichiyama et al.)

Immunity 2011 (Ichiyama et al.)

JBC 2008 (Ichiyama et al.)

Laboratory of Experimental Immunology, IFReC